Maltzahn’s House

Maltzahn’s Farmhouse 2002

Maltzahn House is one of the five original farmhouses in Westgarthtown (now Thomastown, in Victoria). The house was built in the 1850s by Johann Maltzahn, who had recently arrived from Hamburg, along with thousands of other Germans who were fleeing persecution in their homeland. The design of the house is a standard North German farmhouse and the walls were made from local bluestone rubble (they were later cement-rendered and painted white.) Since Maltzahn’s departure from the farmhouse in 1865, a number of tenants have taken up residency there. In 1989 the Victorian State Government bought it and it was later listed on the Register of National Estate and classified by National Trust.
When client Terrence Nott Architect first contracted Cathedral Stone to undertake sections of the restorative work, the building was severely dilapidated after years of misuse and neglect, requiring demolition and significant rectification and restoration.
A Beautiful Result